Betsy Granville, Spiritual Intuitive, Medium, & Channel

Updated: Mar 24

“I see dead people” isn’t just a line from a famous movie about a kid. Being able to see loved ones that have crossed over isn’t just a thing in folklore and Blockbuster movies. It’s real, and it’s a gift some people are granted when they incarnated into this lifetime. With that gift comes a version of healing unmatched to anything else.

Recently Stephanie Wood from Soul House Love sat down with Betsy Granville who is a Spiritual Intuitive + a Medium. She spoke with Betsy about what she does, why she does it, and how her gifts came to be. The interview ended with a session for Stephanie that left her shooketh.

Q: Welcome, can you please introduce yourself?

A: My name is Betsy Granville, and I'm an intuitive, medium, and channel. I work with people on just about everything, from connecting with loved ones across the veil to animal communication, to questions about their lives, whether those are around career, health, finances, or relationships. Often it’s a mix of all of those things, and it is an honor and a total joy to support people in finding greater clarity, connection, empowerment, and healing.

I grew up on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland with my husband, who I married many years later. I taught elementary school. Since then, I have had kids of my own. I've been a mom volunteering in their schools and the community for the last decade and a half. Several years ago, I found myself feeling the call to follow my gifts.

Q: What did the transition of following your gifts look like?

A: Well, I have always been drawn toward spirituality. I didn’t grow up with any formal religion to speak of, which was great because it left me very open and very curious. By high school, I was asking all my friends if I could go with them to visit their churches, synagogues, and meeting houses. At Brown, I majored in Comparative Religion with a focus on Eastern religions. I traveled to Nepal, learned the language, studied with a healer, and spent time at temples and monasteries. After I returned, I did extended meditation retreats and studied with American Buddhist Pema Chodron. When I graduated, after briefly considering going to medical school, life wisely steered me in another direction, and I began teaching, which was a much better fit and the perfect way for me to be with children—my other passion.

One day, a few years ago, I was sharing some spiritual tidbit with my teenage daughter, who had been reading her book. She paused, put her book down in her lap, and said, “Mom, is this what you want to do? Because it's what you're always talking about.” In that moment, she mirrored back my heart's desire. I realized that my children were getting older, I was stepping into another chapter of life, and, as I stood there looking at my daughter, I really took in her question. And, right there in that moment, I silently said “yes.” That was an act of surrender because I finally said, “Okay, I'm willing to take that leap, to step out and do what my soul is calling me to do.” I had no idea what that would look like, but I suddenly knew that I was ready. As soon as I surrendered at that moment, the universe just seemed to mobilize. A powerful force—I call it grace—started moving through me like a river, and things began to shift.

I would sit in meditation, just bringing presence to whatever was coming up. It felt like weights were falling off of me, and the spaces that those weights occupied were filling in with light. Those weights were old energies that were no longer serving: thoughts, fears, beliefs, doubts, pain, stories, resentments. These energies are the things that we are not—the layers that obscure the lens of perception and cover up who we really are. As they healed, I was tapping into the deeper, less conditioned part of myself and opening my gifts more fully. There was a real lightness of being emerging. I would drive to school to pick up my son, and I felt like I might just float right up out of the roof of the car. I experienced all kinds of new physical sensations and began receiving vast downloads of information I had no way of knowing. What I had kept at bay and not understood for most of my life was now fully “up”, and there was no pushing it back down. My subtle senses were wide open, and I was consciously connecting with the world of Spirit. It was like I had been on the threshold for years, and I had finally stepped over it.

Eventually, I began to get the nudge that I could really help others. I said, “Okay, if I can be of service, then put me in. May I be a blessing.” And the universe took me up on that. They love a volunteer! So I started working with people and opening that channel of support and love for them as well.

Q: Did spirit always speak directly through you?

A: The channeling just happened along with everything else. I would be doing a reading for someone, and I would begin to sense the cadence of my voice changing, and then it felt like there was a big wind at my back blowing me more fully out of the way, and I would start verbally channeling. The channeled writing was similarly unexpected. One day I got out my pen and paper and sat down to try it. I closed my eyes, and my hand twitched in a way that was not voluntary. I heard very clearly in my mind: “you can be a great scribe for a powerful cause.” I thought: “What? A scribe?” So I just began sitting and sensing who and what wanted to come through, and it was one surprise after the next.

It was the sitting that was the hard part! I had been a tennis player, but when these awakening experiences began, I had trouble slowing down. So I got benched. One injury after another suddenly popped up after several years of playing without a hitch. And this was spirit saying, “Sit down! You're moving too fast; we can't catch you. You need to slow down. We have things to share with you, and you have work to do!” And so I spent that year or so in the little office in my house, doing readings by FaceTime or phone. The mediumship came in very strongly. Seeing loved ones on the other side was like watching images and movie clips. I remember the first time when I read for someone I'd never met. I saw her grandmother right away, and I began describing the scene: her house, her garden, this woman as a child riding her bike around it, details of their relationship, and the messages she wanted to convey. I think I came up for air around 30 minutes later, and I looked at my screen (we were FaceTiming), and she had tears rolling down her face. She said, “You’ve just described my whole childhood with my grandmother.” I have a special spot in my heart for mediumship because I love meeting these incredible spirits who come through, and I've seen the peace and healing that can result. And it is profound.

Q: You realized you could talk to the spirits?

A: Yes, they may have shed the density of their physical form, but the spirit, the consciousness that animates the body, is eternal. Those loved ones in spirit share incredible messages and cleverly weave in all kinds of evidence of who they are and the fact that they still see their loved ones on this side and what is happening for them. It’s hard to convey how awe-inspiring that kind of communication can be. Those readings can offer healing that never happened when those loved ones were on this side in the case of difficult relationships, reinforce the fact that love that was once here is still very much alive in the case of strong bonds, and provide helpful guidance. This work has also been a full-circle experience in recent months as I’ve connected with many incredible young people who have transitioned to the other side in their teens and early 20’s for their families on this side. My guides said to me before one of those readings: “Do you see? You used to teach, to work with children, and support their families in one way. Now you’re doing the same thing again, just in another way.”

Q: If someone has not gone to the other side, can you get them there?

A: Can I get them there?

Q: Like, if someone's in limbo and wants to go to heaven.

A Oh, I haven't come across that at this point, although it’s funny that you asked that because I had a reading with other intuitive many years ago (before I was doing this work), and he said “You have the ability to help people cross over. I see you doing that in the future.” I didn’t understand what that meant at the time, so I discounted it, and I hadn’t thought about that in a long time until you said that, but who knows, maybe that’s coming.

Q: Your gifts are blowing my mind a little bit.

A: Well, it’s been a pretty magical journey. It’s kind of like stepping through the magic wardrobe into another world. And in that world, there is very little separation between the physical world and the divine. I have always received feedback in the outside world, but a few years ago, those synchronistic events got turned up too.

I remember pulling up to the gas station one day, and the radio said “It's national practice being psychic day!” I turned the radio off. I went outside to pump the gas. The screen on the gas pump announced: “The word of the day is ‘serendipity’: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” I pulled out onto the highway and in my mind’s eye, I flashed on my meditation earlier that day. I talked about the densities dropping off and light filling in. I had understood in meditation that morning that this was the reintegration of the parts of myself that I had pushed away and that ultimately these were just aspects of love. Two cars appeared at the stoplight as I pulled out of the gas station. The license plate of the car in front of me read: INTEGR8. The license plate on the car in the lane to my right said: AMOR. I was re-integrating aspects of love, which is what and who we all really are.

My team calls this kind of communication in the external world “call and response.” I am asking, the spirit world is answering, and that conversation is pretty much non-stop. I generally experience breadcrumbs in the physical world around me leading up to a reading and validations afterward. This can take the form of license plates, songs on the radio, the line on the show on tv that night, the subject line on the email that shows up in my inbox—the list is endless. It’s part of how spirit communicates.

Q: Did you have these gifts as a kid?

A: I have been highly intuitive and empathic my whole life, and much of the time, it felt like more of a burden, or a liability, than a gift. When you're sensitive, you read people's energy, you understand dynamics, you're picking up on all the energy in a room. Without some tools, that can be overwhelming. Being in nature, usually hiking or running, was the counterbalance to that heightened awareness for me throughout high school and college, and that’s where I would find a centering sense of presence. Then as I got older, I found that I would be in meditation, and very quickly, there would be a pounding on the top of my head. I now realize that was my crown chakra opening. I'd be looking around the room and thinking, “Is anyone else experiencing this?” My husband would come home from work, and I would see images in my mind’s eye and know everything he was going to say before he said it. He would start talking, and I would say, “Didn't you just say that?” And he would say, “Uh, no...” So things were bleeding through. But I didn't know what to do with them. I didn't have a context to put them in. I think at some level, I was also really focused on being a mom and raising my kids, and I held the belief that I couldn't do both at the same time. Of course, now I know that's not true, but I put these abilities aside for a long time.

Q: You used the term “your team.” Who is on “your team”?

A: We all have guides, loved ones, and angels on the other side, and I refer to them as our teams. We’re all supported by the other side at all times. And really, we're all having moments of serendipity and getting nudges from our soul and our guides in various directions. It's a matter of awareness. When we increase our awareness, it shows up more. We see how it's always been there.

Q: Cool. And so you would help somebody - if they feel blocked or stuck?

Q: Has there been a popular cultural shift? Are people more interested in your work?

A: I think we're going through a collective shift in consciousness. And as we awaken personally, we also contribute to the collective awakening. Because one thing I know for sure from my work with myself is that the deeper I go within, the more connected I feel to everyone else. In working consciously with our own patterns, we soften. We develop more self-love and compassion, and this translates into having the same for others...until it gets harder and harder to see them as others. In other words, eventually, we can’t help but know our oneness. At the same time, on another level, we each have a particular part to play. Playing my part hasn’t always been easy. I've had to work through the belief that it's okay to be seen, for example, to do this work. But, I like to say that as we crawl out from under the bed, we permit others to do the same.

Q: I love that. What do you feel are some common misconceptions about your modality?

A: The most common misconception I hear is the idea that this is the business of predicting the future or dishing out advice. I can be shown something that is helpful as it relates to what’s coming, but for the most part, I try to steer clear of predicting timing because there are so many possibilities. The energy may be lined up one way at the moment, but there are so many other people and factors at play that this can change. And what comes through is not so much “should’s” or advice as guidance and support. It’s about having a larger perspective on who we are and what’s happening in our lives so that we can make choices from that empowered space.

The biggest hurdle is generally fear. People are afraid that I'll see something in them that they don't want to be seen or that there will be judgment. In the many hundreds of readings I’ve done at this point, I've only ever experienced love and support from the other side. Our guides meet us where we are, and they want the very best for us. For there to be exposure or judgment would be completely antithetical. There is no judgment on the other side; only love.

Q: How do you describe the space in which you work?

A: That space is the heart. The heart is the portal to the cosmos and the key to accessing our pure potential and truth. I go into my heart and expand my awareness. It's all right here, right now; it’s not a matter of going somewhere else. It’s just a matter of shifting or raising our vibration to meet those on the other side of the veil. It's like turning a radio knob. If we're focused solely on physical existence, then we have the knob on one station, and we don't have access to the other stations. But as we expand our awareness, we are moving the dial. We're changing to a different station—an alternate frequency, or dimension of consciousness.

Q: That sounds intense. How do you stay grounded? What are some of your self-care rituals?

A: Well, like many of us, I find that to be challenging. I take walks, and I like to work in the garden. Those are significant self-care rituals because I really clear my energy and recharge in nature. Cooking is fun when I can approach it from the space of enjoyment and creativity. Then that works well. So it's not just what I'm doing—it's also how I'm doing things. It's about pace and presence.

Q: I love that. I think that makes a lot of sense.

A: We're still physical beings with daily life, right? It’s like that Buddhist book, After the Ecstasy, the Laundry: How the Heart Grows Wise on the Spiritual Path. We have to find a way to integrate this other level of consciousness into life. My daily walks are a meditation, and bringing expanded awareness and presence into everyday life is the practice.

Q: What do you feel has been the most significant change in you since you opened up and decided to go for it?