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My Neck, My Back… no longer lyrics to your favorite song, now they're parts of your body that hurt. Not you? Maybe you're someone with a lot of energy, but you hit a slump at 2 PM despite your Starbucks double-shot espresso. Don't hit that slump but falling asleep is difficult? We see you too. We know you're tired of watching infomercials in the middle of the night with the My Pillow guy.

Whether you need some help with daily aches and pains, insomnia, or struggle with anxiety, Well Room has something for you. Well Room is a Wellness oasis located in the heart of Charlottesville, Virginia, owned and operated by Megan Kingdon.

Megan is a mom, wife, nurse practitioner, wellness advocate, and a basic overall wellness unicorn. She's dedicated to helping people feel good, and her store is an extension of that.

We sat down with Megan back in June when she first opened her store. We talked about her expansive journey into wellness, the services she provides, and how she hopes the company will evolve.

Read more in the full interview below:

Q: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: I'm Megan Kingdon, and I'm a mom, nurse practitioner, and wellness advocate. I've been pretty steeped in the wellness world for the last couple of decades between academics and self-study. And I love it. It's fun and fascinating. The wild World of Wellness is my jam. My store is Well Room. I wanted to create a space that brought a lot under one roof as a resource where people can come to figure out what they might need to include in their life to feel better. The belief is that we are our own best advocates. I wanted to give people the tools to put them in charge of their health.

Q: There is so much going on right now between COVID, Racial Injustice, and now the fires on the West Coast. From your end, what do you feel are people's biggest concern these days?

A: Gosh, no kidding, so many of us are feeling & experiencing such discomfort with everything in the world. I would say, anxiety is definitely affecting a lot of people. It's a complicated thing, but unpacking it and trying to come at it from various angles, softening the symptoms, and figuring out ways and means to sort through it can be helpful. We offer ways to lighten things in your life, whether physical, biochemical or lifestyle.

Vitality seems to be another interest of our clients. A lot of the tools we have here are things that can help restore biochemical balance and energetics. Many clients who come in have a nagging sense they’re ‘off’ in some way and they’re looking to restore their vitality, improve nutritional imbalances, lowered immune system, the drag of stress, or trying to recover from intense workouts or competitions. Anything stressful to the body has the potential to deplete you if you don’t have the tools or foundational resources to manage it. And there’s just a lot of stress in the world right now.

Q: Can you talk us through your services?

A: We have IV therapy. We put a lot of work into the blends - between sourcing the components and figuring out optimal combinations. Lots of due diligence went into ensuring that the blends are as efficacious as they can be. One additive that I'm the most excited about is glutathione, and it's a master antioxidant and has a myriad of benefits. It's at the top of the antioxidant stream; it optimizes biochemical processes and free radical scavenging, antioxidant boosting, helps your liver’s functioning, and makes your hair, skin, and nails look amazing. We don’t produce as much as we age, so repleting it can really help. The closest thing to the fountain of youth I’ve found! I can’t say enough good things about it, really. It's one of those things you get in an IV drip, and you're like, wow, what the heck just happened!? The IV drips are amazing because they’re obviously hydrating, and the components are 100% absorbed so you feel notably better, quickly.

Another great way to detox, relax, restore is our infrared sauna. The near and far wavelengths penetrate the tissues to draw out and release toxins through sweat. Not to mention it’s a totally amazing way to relax and restore. Ours is a big one so people can stretch out and truly relax. It has Bluetooth so you can listen to music or a podcast too while you sit there. Relaxation is so important for calming the nervous system and really turning ‘on’ our parasympathetic system - the rest, relax & restore the nervous system.

We also have cryotherapy, which helps with inflammation and skin cell repair. It helps if you have a particular local injury. At a certain point, injuries, if they don't heal properly, become chronic inflammation. So that's where you would want an excellent cryo session and cool off the inflammation and allow the area to heal. Cryo stimulates circulation and blood flow to an area in a prescribed way which can also help give that plump, dewy, youthful look, so it’s fun to do these ‘facials’ when you need a boost.

We also offer spray tanning, which is organic, paraben-free, and actually Peta vegan certified spray tan! It's beet sugar-derived and gives a really beautiful natural color. There was no way I’d put spray tanning in a Well Room if it wasn’t really clean. Our whole ethos is based around being clean & green!

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