Kathleen Dubovsky: Thoughts -Emotions-Energy

Originally Published June 29, 2020

It is hard to stay silent especially when these past few weeks have been so very difficult on so many levels. And for many of us, the heartbreaking events that have been unfolding non-stop for the past 3 months, piling up one on top of the other, are creating fear and anxiety; anger and hurt; despair, and even depression. The loss of 100,000+ loved ones from Covid-19, the horrific murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, the assaults on peaceful protestors, the violent acts committed by opportunists who loot and destroy, the destructiveness of racism that is still alive in our communities — all of these events create thoughts that go through our minds and those thoughts stir emotions. Those thought-related emotions are powerful and create energy which will affect how we choose to move forward with our action steps. Our action steps can fall into one of three categories: Inspired Action, Reaction, Inaction. Does the thought create the emotion of fear? Then inaction or reaction may result. Does the thought create the emotion of anger? Then inspired action or reaction may result. Does the thought create emotions of deep sadness or loss? Then inaction may result. Does the thought create the emotions of love and healing? Then inspired action is the result. The energetic space of INSPIRED ACTION is where, in my opinion, we all should try to reside. Inspired action has the potential to bring about positive change personally, and for those around you. On the other hand, the energetic spaces of inaction and reaction can be very destructive. It’s not always easy. Residing in the realm of inspired action takes awareness and practice. It requires that you have cultivated a healthy dialogue with your body. It requires that you spend time in silence in order to connect more deeply with your inner self. Personally, I strive to take notice of emotions that arise within me as a result of a thought, especially in relation to traumatic events. I need to take note of how that emotional energy is affecting what I do with the thought. My hope is that we can all practice tuning into the emotion created by a thought, observing the energy of that emotion, and then choosing inspired action overreaction or inaction. Ultimately choosing inspired action, overreaction or inaction, not only makes us healthier people but ultimately makes the world a better place. If you find that inaction or reaction is getting the better of you, especially with all of the events that are unfolding around us, try these simple self-care practices:

  • Use relaxation breathing, gratitude journaling, and/or meditation to help ground yourself and bring yourself back into the realm of inspired action.

  • Eat healthy whole foods (eliminate sugar, caffeine, alcohol) to keep your mind clear.

  • Spend time in movement to bring balance to your emotions.

If you truly wish to be an agent of positive change in your own life, and in the world, then self-care must be non-negotiable. In order to be open to receiving insights into inspired action, and then have the energy to carry through on those insights, you must be intentionally practicing the care of your health each and every day. You cannot serve your community and be running on empty. It’s when we put ourselves continually on the back burner and deplete our energy that we find ourselves in the realms of inaction and reaction. Allowing yourself to be pulled into those two circles of being can lead to increased stress levels that in turn can affect your physical, spiritual, and emotional health in very negative ways. And if you become ill from stress, the world will miss out on the positive ripples of your gifts and talents. Be empowered knowing that you have a choice in how you move forward once you learn to notice and observe the emotions connected to your thoughts. Be empowered knowing that choosing inspired action first starts with self-awareness and self-care. As always, thoughts of healing and peace are being sent your way. In Health and Balance, Kathleen Connect with me: Interwoven Wellness Program Offerings Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/interwovenwellness/ Join my private FB group for inspiration and resources: https://www.facebook.com/groups/interwovenwellness/ Sign up and get your free pdf guide for the session



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