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Your Guide to Modern Wellness & Woo (blended with science, logic, common sense & the search for universal truths)

Welcome to The Geode.
I'm your host, Stephanie Wood.
Are you Woo-curious (but also someone who wants to avoid conspiracy theories and quackery?
Me too. 


The Geode Podcast

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The Geode: delivering unpretentious “Wellness and Woo” content and friendly one-on-one interviews with innovative healers of body, mind, and spirit. Stephanie Wood connects with her diverse roster of guests in a way that allows the down-to-earth people behind the businesses and brands to shine as they educate and entertain the audience. As a National mental health crisis looms on the horizon, Stephanie’s passion for directing wellness resources where they are most needed is sincere and right on time. The Geode, because wellness rocks. Find the magic within you.

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